All prices Include GST. There is no contract or churn fee however I do require a months’ notice if the service is no longer required.
Payment is to be made monthly in advance for the high usage, Low usage and Starter Data plans and6 monthly in advance for the holiday maker plan. The preferred payment method is by automatic monthly bank payments.

If you exceed your monthly data allowance on the Low usage or Starter Data packages for 2 months concurrently then you will be notified and upgraded to the package that suits your data usage.
NB: There is an Equipment cost which is passed on at the cost of the equipment to Go Tairua at the time of installation.  Please ring to get an idea of what this currently is. It includes a Router and a wireless receiver station. This equipment comes with a 2 year on site warranty. Installation is free which includes any fixings wire etc. If extra Access points are required then this will be additional and discussed at the time of install.
All servicing is free.

An equipment buy back option is offered at the discretion of Go Tairua within the first year at $100.00 assuming goods are still in good condition and good working order. All equipment used is of a commercial grade quality and is installed by a qualified Go Tairua Installer.
The Go Tairua internet data service is filtered for Hacking, Spyware, Warez, Porn, redirector, proxy and costraps.  If this service is not required it can be turned off or sites can be white listed at the discretion of GoTairua.
Items that are repeatedly down loaded (ie: internet updates, virus signature updates, mobile phone, windows and Macintosh up dates and other common down loads) are cached on Go Tairua servers.  This saves on data usage and speeds up the internet service.
Occasionally upgrades will be done to equipment on the Go Tairua network and the service may be disrupted for a short time. This will be done either on Sundays or late at night so as to not disrupt the service. If a major upgrade is needed during daylight hours then notification will be given prior to this happening.

Starter Data user Plan.
So do you use the internet for browsing the web, checking your face book, doing your banking, checking your email, looking at the occasional you tube clip then chances are this package will suit you.
Holiday Maker User Plan.
As it says is designed for the Holiday maker that may use a lot of data over the holidays or the few times they are staying at their home in Tairua.  Data is calculated over a year not monthly so a person may use 200 gig in one month then the balance of 300 gig over the remaining 11 months.  It is not designed for a person who consistently is using monthly internet.
Low Usage user Plan
As it says is designed for a low data user that would watch the odd movie may run a business from home.  Again if you have a lot of users in the house and watch a lot of movies then this will not be the plan for you.
High Usage Plan.
If you watch movies, Netflix, TV on demand, upload and download large files have or lots of users in the house then this is the package for you.